Please note: The Organizers strictly disallow any BIB collection in the morning of the race day, if you are late collecting the racekit on the night before, make sure you contact us asap 

Required Documents and procedures

  • Waiver form signing (printed only)
  • Complete mandatory Gear-Check
  • Present your original ID/Passport
  • Present confirmation email/e-ticket (printed or electronic version) 
  • Get your racekit and your BIB 



When you can’t get to the Expo to collect your racekit , you can authorize your friend to pick it up on your behalf so long as they follow the rules 

  • BIB recipients must provide all required documents
  • BIB recipients must perform mandatory Gear Check on behalf of the runner
  • If the BIB runner is not the rightful owner (running on other people’s BIB), We will not bear any responsibility the runner during the race.

Required Documents and procedures

    • Waiver form signed by the owner (printed only, photo not acceptable) – Download here
    • Authorization Form signed by owner and authorized person (printed only, photo or scanned not acceptable)
    • The Gear-check-in will replace the required BTC replacement for the runners.
    • Owner’s ID Card/Passport (photocopy or scanned) and the authorized person (original)
    • Email confirmation/E-ticket from the organizers
    • Get Racekit and your BIB 

Insulating Blanket (Life Blanket)MANDATORY GEAR-CHECK

  • In order to collect your Racekit, you must ensure that you have all required items for your distance as below. We reserve the right to withhold your racekit  and prevent you from running should you lack any required item.
  • Gear check is also performed randomly at the Startline, if you are found lacking the required items on raceday, your bib will be cut and you will be disqualified on the spot.
15km 35km 55km 75km
Water Vest (1L+)




Silicone cup (provided in racekit)

Head lamp

Emergency Blanket


*For 15km, we accept hydration belt as long as you can carry the required amount of water (1 litter)

Recommended for all distances

  • Poncho (raincoat)
  • Medical First Aid Kit – can be purchased at pharmacy
  • Sunglasses, hood/visor, sunscreen
  • Energ bars, gels, food reserves
  • Poles – for the distance 35-55-75
  • Emergency Blanket (Lifeblanket) – the temperature in Dalat can be down low and this equipment will help you to keep your body warm as needed.